What is a Problem Property

A problem property is simply a home causing problems for the current home owner.  Maybe you need to sell your home fast, maybe it’s run down or really out dated.  We buy homes in nearly all conditions.

Who We Are

We are a family run company.  Jacob, Elijah and Joe.  All brothers who want to have a positive impact on the Omaha community. We love working together and want to get the chance to help you with your problem property.

Our Mission

Help Keep Omaha beautiful by fixing problem homes and providing low income families great affordable homes for purchase.

What Makes Us Different Than Others?

We are not here to just buy your home and re-sell it in as is conditions.  Some companies sit on properties for years and cause many issues for neighbors. Other’s may wholesale your property and simply try to sell it in as is condition to another party.  100% of the homes we purchase we re-model, repair, update and make energy efficient.  Most of the time with a new roof, energy efficient windows, AC, Water heater.

Our goal is to update every home we purchase so it’s move in ready and headache free for the new home owner.

We also buy those properties others just can’t buy because they are too dilapidated.  As long as the foundation is solid and the building is structurally sound we can make you an offer even with existing tax liens, water damage, fire damage, vacant for a decade,  you name it we have the experience to repair it.

Why Choose Us?

  • We buy in Cash
  • We can close in as little as 3 days (Yes 3 days!) vs. plus or minus 90 days when on the open market
  • No 6% seller Agent Fee
  • Move out when you are ready. Leave behind anything you don’t want.
  • Skip all the repairs, painting, re-models, contractor headaches.

Who We Help By Buying Houses

We buy from people in all walks of life.  People who inherit properties that generally need lot’s of work before it can be market ready, landlords who are getting out of the rental game, retirees looking to downsize, people moving out of state for a job.  Whoever it is,  whatever the reason.  If you have a problem property we would love the chance to give you a cash offer.